WordPress Hosting

Half of the websites of Internet with a manager of contents uses WordPress, which supposes more of a third of the Webs of the world. Without a doubt WordPress is a good manager of contents, and the majority of times that does not work well usually is not by the same, but due to a bad configuration.

In this site you will find information and hostingdeveloper to prepare the infrastructure so that your website works as well as possible, trying to offer diverse configurations of operating systems, versions of PHP and other elements necessary for its correct operation.

What is the hosting Web?

The hosting of a website is exactly just like the place where you reside: it is the house of your Web. To some we like the small houses, to another like us giants, in plan mansion, others even need whole buildings and industrial ships. It depends on the needs that you have you will have to find the hosting that adapts to your needs.

In the same way that houses there is of many types, lodgings for WordPress also there are them. Normally we have shared hosting, we can find hosting in private virtual servers (VPS), is dedicated hosting, hosting in the cloud€¦ so, following your needs you will have to choose the most suitable option for your website.

Who you are?

This site is distributed in 3 great zones, following which you are looking for with respect to WordPress.

I want to know how to mount my hosting: If what you look for it is the best way to form your site this is your section. Here you have information on requirements, yield, security and reliability.

I am WordPress developer: If you are developer surely you want to know which is the best dedicated server form to have development surroundings that allow to verify the future versions you.

I have a company of hosting: If you want to collaborate in the improvement and compatibility of WordPress in many different surroundings, you can help with the information of your WordPress surroundings.