It breaks of Gravatar

One of the services that we see very frequently in all the sites with WordPress (and without) is the one of the ups and downs generated by Gravatar. This service allows to associate a transformation (normally a photo that represents a person) with a mail account. Of this form, when beams a commentary or you register yourself in a site, it will appear that transformation associated to the account of mail that you are using.

Gravatar lodges the images in its own site, which causes that they must make calls to external directions URL, reason why they are had to generate calls HTTP, DNS and others to other sites, in addition to being able to get to reduce the privacy since, in this case, Gravatar seeds cookies by all the sites through which you happen.

Considering these two factors, an interesting exposition to improve the yield of load of the site is the one to do one breaks of the images in the premises, so that they do not have to make external calls.

For it we have a pair of options that work of a similar way:

  • Optimum Gravatar Cache: This plugin has been creating a copy of the ups and downs and for of massive form by means of crones own of WordPress, maintaining to the day the images. IF you have many commentaries are an interesting option.
  • Privacy transformation: The objective is just as the previous one, although in this case use does not become of crones and, in addition, it allows the management of the privadidad of the ups and downs for each user. A good option if you are in Europe and you have to fulfill the RGPD.

Without a doubt two very interesting options that will improve the load and yield of your website.

It lets a commentary