Requirements for WordPress

Last revision: 25 of April of 2020

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Although WordPress can work in practically any surroundings, although he is very minimum, is necessary to recognize that in these it does not work completely well. It is by that we are going to you here to do some minimum recommendations of surroundings in which it would work of more effective form.

Web server

The Web server is the system where the files of the website lodge and where the users arrive to consult them. Web servers there are many, and in principle whatever it has supported connection with PHP would have to serve to work with WordPress.

When we spoke of the servant, Web, WordPress works better with these (ordered alphabetically):

It remembers that if you have a website working in production, recommends the use of the last stable version of each one of the Web servers (mainly by security, more than by functionality), but not of versions alpha, beta or candidates (RC).


PHP is a programming language on which the code of WordPress is based. This language is executed in the servant and is important to maintain it to the day, as much by security as mainly by functionality.

WordPress gives support to many versions of PHP, some already obsolete ones, but always to which they are supported and maintained.

Officially the nucleus of WordPress gives support from the version of PHP 5,6 to the version of PHP 7.4. Even so, all the themes or plugins do not give support them.

When we spoke of PHP, WordPress (including its extensions) works better with the following versions:

WordPress does not work with smaller versions to the 7.0. Versions previous to PHP are not only recommended 7,2 because no longer it has support of no type, and PHP 7,2 if you have the last version, since it only has security support.

Necessary extensions PHP

  • bcmath: For mathematical operations of arbitrary precision PHP it offers the Binary Calculator, which admits numbers of any size and precision, represented as strings.
  • curl: PHP supports libcurl, a library created by Daniel Stenberg who allows to connect itself and to communicate with different types from servers and different types from protocols.
  • Sunday: Thanks to the Document Object Model, it is allowed to manipulate XML documents by means of API DOM.
  • exif: With the Exif extension (abbreviations in English of Exchangeable image information) it is possible to be worked with metadata of images.
  • fileinfo: The functions in this module try to find out the type of content and the codification of a file being looked for certain sequences of magical bytes in a specific position of the same.
  • hash: It is the motor of coding of messages and allows to improve incremental the direct security or of messages being used a variety of algorithms hash.
  • json: This extension implements the DIF JavaScript Object Notation (JSON).
  • libsodium: Sodium is a library of software modern and easy to use for coding, deciphered, companies, hash of passwords and much more.
  • mbstring: It provides specific functions for text chains multibyte and controls the conversion of character encoding between the possible schemes of codification based on Unicode (UTF-8, UTF-16€¦).
  • mysqli: The extension mysqli (mysql improved) allows to accede to the functionality provided by later MySQL 4,1 and.
  • mysqlnd: The Native Controller of MySQL (MySQL Native Driver in English) is a substitute for the Library Client of MySQL (libmysqlclient).
  • openssl: This module uses the functions of OpenSSL for the generation and verification of companies and to seal (encriptar) and to open (to desencriptar) data.
  • pcre: Library PCRE is a set of functions that implement comparisons of landlords of regular expressions using the same syntax and semantics that Perl 5, with very few differences.
  • xml: This set of tools allows to analyze, but not to validate, XML documents.

Recommendable extensions PHP

  • to filter: This extension filters the data or is to validate them or to adjust them.
  • iconv: With this module string can be turned represented by a local set of characters into one represented by another set of characters, which can be the set of Unicode characters.
  • imagick: ImageMagick is a set of software to create, to publish and to compose images of bit map. It can read, turn and write images in a variety of formats (more than 100) including DPX, EXR, GIF, JPEG, JPEG-2000, pdf, PhotoCD, png, PostScript, SVG and tiff.
  • simplexml: It provides a set of tools very simple and easy to use to turn XML to an object that can be processed with selectors of normal properties and iterators of arrays.
  • to xmlreader: The XMLReader extension is an analyzer of XML. The reader acts forwards as a cursor going in the flow of the document and pausing in each node of the way.
  • zip: This extension allows to read or to write transparently compressed files ZIP and the files that there are inside.

Alternative extensions PHP

  • gd: Alternative to Imagick. PHP is not limited to only create exits HTML. Also it is possible to be used to create and to manipulate files of images in a variety of different formats from image, including GIF, png, JPEG, WBMP and XPM.
  • mcrypt: Alternative to libsodium. This is an interface for the library mcrypt, that admits a great variety of algorithms of blocks such as DES, TRipleDES, Blowfish (predetermined), 3-WAY, SAFER-SK64, SAFER-SK128, TWOFISH, TEA, RC2 and GOST in the ways of coding CBC, OFB, CFV and ECB.
  • zlib: Alternative to zip. This module allows to transparently read and to write files compressed with gzip (.gz), through the versions of the majority of the functions of systems of files that work with files compressed with gzip (and with files also decompressed, but not with sockets).

Extensions PHP of ascent

These extensions are mainly useful in case of having problems with updates, raising plugins or themes€¦

  • FTP: This extension has as intention the detailed access to a servant FTP providing an ample range of controls for script in execution.
  • sockets: The extension socket implements an interface of low level for the functions of communication of sockets based on popular sockets of BSD, providing the possibility of acting as much as servant as client of socket.
  • ssh2: Libssh2 connects to the library that provides access to resources (shell, remote execution, tunneling, transference of archives) on a remote machine using a safe route of cryptographic transport.

Extensions of the System

So that some of the extensions of PHP work correctly, you will have to install some functionalities extra in the operating system that you use. Generally the Linux servers already take built-in of series these functions, but he is not of verifying it more.

  • ImageMagick: Necessary so that the extension of PHP Imagick works.
  • Ghost Script: It allows ImageMagick to generate images from pdf for the zone of Average.
  • XDiff: A basic but complete system of functionalities to create files and patches the binary files and of text implements.

Data base

For the data storage, WordPress uses based systems MySQL distributions, as they can be MySQL, MariaDB or Percona. The three systems are compatible with WordPress, reason why at this moment they are possible to be used anyone of the three for his operation.

The use of these versions is recommended, as much by yield as by security, although previous versions usually work without trouble:

How to know what version I have?

Choosing a Web server, PHP and a data base you will obtain that the installation bases of your WordPress works to first.

If you already have a WordPress installed and you want to know the information exceeds what you have, we recommended the use to you of plugin of the WordPress Community called Health Check & Troubleshooting (extension of the help for this plugin). In case of having WordPress 5,2+, the system already takes control tools to have that information in the section Health of the Site (within Tools).